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Nate Woodard was launched in 2022 as a full service, veteran owned, custom clothier. Based out of the Washington D.C. area we are focused on providing the best quality made in America clothing to busy executives and military officers.

At 6 foot 5 inches, Nate struggled for years to find high quality clothing that fit him properly, so in 2019 he taught himself how to cut and sew his own suits and dress shirts. Through this experience he learned every part of the garment making process, but he also realized that if he wanted to bring the highest quality American made clothing to a larger audience, then he would need help. So Nate set out on a mission, to build a uniquely American custom clothing business. Today, we are proud to offer a wide variety of bespoke, made to measure, and custom clothing options all made in America with military attention to every detail. While we proudly import the finest quality materials, we have built a strong supply chain to manufacture all of our garments right here in the U.S.

Additionally, we are the only full-service American custom clothier that also offers made to measure military uniforms. While Nate was learning how to sew suits, he also dreamed about having a military uniform that actually fit him correctly and wasn't made of half polyester. After searching for a company that would make a high-quality military uniform for him here in America, and finding none, he decided that he would start his own company to offer better uniforms. While Nate was working to build out this part of the company, his wife Christina commissioned as an officer in the Army Reserve. After spending extra money for the "better fitting uniforms" and finding that they still didn't fit her even close to right even after being sent back to the tailor shop, we knew that we could do better. So in addition to offering civilian clothing, Nate worked tirelessly to build the best military uniform available. Today we are proud to offer the finest quality 100% merino wool Navy Officer Service Dress Blues and Mess Dress Blues uniforms, with 2% gold sleeve lace and hand embroidered gold bullion. We look forward to offering dress uniforms for other services as well in the in the near future.